Hong Kong Voices 香港和聲


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At Hong Kong Voices we always believe that music relates to the time and the people. As 2016 is approaching the end, it becomes obvious that what lies ahead will be a significant year for us all. Thus the 2017 season calls for musical reflections: what our faith entails, where our roots lie, and what we hope for in our future.

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Hong Kong Voices is committed to providing choral performances of top notch quality at affordable ticket prices. For years we have been an active platform nurturing and showcasing local musicians, and commissioning local composers to create new choral works, with an aim to bringing new life to the local choral scene.

Since its establishment Hong Kong Voices has never been sponsored by the government. Our only sources of income are ticket sales and annual membership fees. In face of increasing costs, your generous support will allow us to maintain an affordable ticket price for high quality performances, thereby bringing artistic enjoyment and inspiration to the lives of more citizens in our city.

Hong Kong Voices is a non-profit-making arts organisation established under the Societies Ordinance of Hong Kong. All executive committee members including our conductor serve the choir without remuneration.

Enquiries: info@hkvoices.org