Hong Kong Voices 香港和聲

Tote bag 'If Music Be the Food of Love' (HKV x Dirty Paper)

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Hong Kong Voices believes that art is alive and creativity has no limitation. Since 2016, we have started inviting local artists and designers to create images for concerts that speaks beyond words and music. The first of them is for the Afternoon Musicale If Music Be the Food of Love (April 2016), an occasion that brought together food and music for nourishment of both the senses and the soul in a casual, art gallery setting. The local duo Dirty Paper created the impressive artwork in their iconic style, a youthful fantasy on the Shakespearean quote with reference to the local culture. 

We have produced this limited version of tote bag, handprinted locally and is suitable both for daily use or as a collecting item. All proceedings will contribute to the artistic development of Hong Kong Voices, a local chamber choir aspired to bring choral music closer to the Hong Kong people, bringing forth music experience that transcends the boundaries and limits of everyday lives.

香港和聲相信創意無疆界,藝術活在生活當中。自 2016 年起,我們邀請本地藝術家和設計師,為我們的音樂會進行各種跨媒體的創作。率先登場的是本地二人藝術組合 Dirty Paper,他們為 2016 年 4 月的「午後樂聚」《If Music Be the Food of Love 談情饗樂》創作的一系列插畫,以獨特的筆觸,源於生活的靈感,加入超現實的想像力,結合音樂與食物為觀眾帶來一場聲色香味的感官全體驗。

這限量生產的棉布手提袋,本地全人手印上 Dirty Paper 的插畫,可供日常使用,也可收藏紀念。所有收益均用於香港和聲的藝術發展,將合唱音樂帶到更多香港人的生活當中,為大家帶來超然於日常生活界限的音樂體驗。

Limited edition of 200
Handprinted in Hong Kong
Cotton tote bag: 35 cm (w) x 39 cm (h)


Dirty Paper is an art collective formed by Chan Wai Lap and Yau Kwok Keung in 2010. Their works represent their memories, experiences or those ridiculous things happening in their surroundings. Their works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries, including Everything’s Alright (K11 Art Foundation & chi art space, 2016), Young Talent Hong Kong (Affordable Art Fair, 2015), Foo Tak Building Open Day (2014) and Yesterday's (Osage Gallery, 2013). Their works were collected by gallery and private collectors.

Dirty Paper 由陳惠立和丘國強於2010 年組成,作品圍繞回憶、自身經歷或身邊種種荒誕的事情,透過繪畫呈現。曾於畫廊舉辦展覽及於聯展中展出作品,包括《你在煩惱甚麼》(K11 Art Foundation & chi art space, 2016)、《Young Talent Hong Kong》(Affordable Art Fair, 2015)、《富德樓開放日》(2014)及《過去式》(奧沙畫廊,2013)。作品由畫廊及私人收藏。